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1. Check my photo editing blog:
Its about photo editing,where you can edit your pic's
and also you can learn photo editing.
you can download your fav music band wallpapers.

2. My fav photo magazine:
It is kind of online photography magazine.
If you are interested in photography & want to share
your photographs to world.then visit..

3. Music Download blog:
You can Download your fav Bollywood movie songs
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HARDYROCKX as a photo editor


Well photography is incomplete without editing.
if you take any photograph and you think you are good in art of photography then through photo editing you can make the photograph better to best.
it requires editing skills and good editing software's.

well most important things in editing are:

Alignment of photograph.you should align photograph both horizontally and vertically at the angle of 90 degree.

Second thing is cropping style.you can try different way of cropping through which image look      cool.you can try horizontally & vertically,you can zoom and crop.and also try different angles.

Then lightning  effects like contrast,brightness,highlight,midtones & shadow.you can improv your photograph by tuning all this effects.

Then you can do cut paste editing like you want to change background.well its is not necessary in every photo*,it also require editing skills,better softwares & much more.

well these are some of important thing about photoeditng i have discuss here.

If you are interested in learn more photoediting or wanna edit you photo's.

Then visit my blog site: http://pixdaddy.blogspot.com/

i hope it will help you to learn something.

Here are some edited photo's